To be 6 again OR You can call me Superman.

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ok. OK...
I wish I could make friends as easily as my first grader does.
At a recent outing to the park, in the short span of 1 hour my son managed to make 7 friends. SEVEN.
Kids find it so easy to just go up to another kid and start a conversation.
This is what happened within the first 3 minutes of being at the park---

My little guy is playing under the monkey bars when a little boy dances up (the kid literally danced over-it was a mix of the 'robot' and and tap-dance).

New Kid:  Hey, my name is Ryan but Call me Superman. I like to play here. You want to play Star Wars with me?

My son: I like to play here too. Can I be General Grevious?

NK: Sure. I will be a storm trooper but instead of a white storm trooper uniform, I wear red. I am a special forces storm trooper.

My Son  makes random lightsaber-ish noises as he and new friend Ryan Superman take off running across the playground to play in a galaxy far, far, away.  (On top of the slide)

Meanwhile Superman's mom and I are eye-balling each other from each of our benches to trying to figure out who should make the first move to start talking to the other.

Being in my 30's, I find it hard to make friends. Making new friends now just seems weird.  When I think I am hitting it off with someone at a park the relationship rarely lasts beyond the time at the playground.
It's like speed dating in a way. You have just a few moments to size the other person up while your children are happily playing. Or, in this case, discussing politely (strange) who gets to rescue  Padme (although they pronounce it PAD A MAY). I know,  Star Wars fans,  Neither Grevious nor a Storm Trooper would put much effort in rescuing her but 6 year olds don't care about technicalities...

Inevitably it is me who makes the first move. I walk across the playground to her bench, with my mommy heart on my sleeve in the hopes that even if we don't become busom buddies, at the very least the conversation won't be awkward or even worse, that she is an over-sharer.

Me: Hi. They (pointing to our children) seem to be hitting it off quite well!

Her: Yep.

Me: Can you believe this weather?

Her: Nope.

Me: That slide looks a bit rusty on the bottom, there.  Is it possible that this is the only park in the world that  still has a metal slide?  Seems like they are all plastic now... (I know, salty stuff)

Her: Yeah. Plastic.

The conversation continues in this fashion until I fall asleep or get tired of trying to pry this mom out of her shell and call out to General Grievous that it is time to head to Dairy Queen for our after-park vanilla soft serve.

Someday I am hoping for THIS conversation:

Me: Hi! Our kids seem to be getting along pretty well.

Her: They sure do! I like your handbag.

Me: This old thing ?(eyelash batting) I got it on sale at Kohls...

Her:  I love Kohls!  I just got these new shoes there. 25 bucks! Can you believe it?

Me: Amazing! So, what do you do for fun?

Her: Oh, you twinkies, blog, cruise around the Great Lakes on my yacht -you should come sometime... My name is Lauren, what's yours?

Me: That sounds great!  My name is Supermom, but you can call me Katie. So nice to meet you!

Until then, I appreciate the blogging topics that I have been blessed with from the moms whom I  have awkward conversations with...


  1. When you first (virtually) met me you told me you loved me and wanted to take me to dinner and a movie. I don't think you should have a problem making friends. Seriously. P.S. I'm probably not getting the yacht in the divorce...

  2. lol. Still true. I DO love you. I totally mean that. You are what I aspire to be as a writer/blogger. I have attempted to comment on your last blog post about 100 times (shithole phone) and every one of my comments has been eaten.
    As for making friends-maybe I am coming on too strong. OR maybe its my long golden locks and my supermodel body that makes these moms uncomfortable...
    ps, I will take you out on the fishing boat anytime you want! :)

  3. I read, online window shop, I'd eat Twinkies if Ireland had them (they don't, the idiots) and I don't have a yacht but I know where I can steal one. And I'll be your friend (if you'll have me.)

  4. Jumping on the "friend" train. Permission to board please. =) Found you thru FYBF over at Brenda's.

  5. I don't make friends either. Oh I can make them by the boat load (in following the slightly nautical theme) online, but that's because I don't know..I have no reasons.

  6. @liz looks like we are going to have to pick up some other people on the stolen yacht. Big ol' blogging yacht party!!! And thank you. My blogging friends are AMAZING!
    ---also, checking on the cost of shipping you some twinkies. No country should be without twinkies.

    @Tmena- I am headed to your blog as soon as I am done with this comment. Thank you for stopping by!!

    @Rhonda. Seriously, internet friends are the best. Why is that?

  7. I doubt you have any trouble making friends. I only know you through our blogs and a few comments here and there but you seem like one of those people that I meet and feel like I have known forever.

    And my first thought too was to send that poor Irish girl some twinkies and any other sweets she is doing without.

  8. Great blog, some people just have no personalities and don't understand that you just want to chat, and not take adopt them...

  9. It's the supermodel body, obviously. Don't worry, I'm not intimidated. I'm secure in my own hotness.

    Bad phone. Must sneak onto your computer at work. I won't tell.

  10. We are total E-BFF's, right? Please say yes. Love yah!

  11. It appears that I know a tad too much about Star Wars...

  12. SO true... kids just walk up to other kids and are instant friends.

    And Max? Is always Thomas the Tank Engine and his new friend is James or someone. Works like a charm. Every time.

  13. Ah. I am doing this all wrong then. When my children hook up with another child in the playground, I first use my x-ray vision to make sure that the child isn't packing any food (read - nuts) then let them get on with it while I firmly avoid eye contact with said mother. I didn't realise was supposed to be cozying up the mummys.

    I will try harder next time.

  14. Yep that's familiar - my little 4 year old lad is just like that - no small talk required , just on with the action - whether it be fireman, or ninja warrior , he's involved before I can even manage a grunt at the accompanying parent!!

  15. Hmmm ... any more room on the playground merry-go-round? Cuz I wanna be in the play group too!

    Found you Ms. Katie on Second Wind ... love your writing style!

    Okay ... maybe its the natural blonde hair? great creative talent? fabulous cook? talented husband? HGTV connection? 15-minutes of fame already happened? can eat the twinkies / ding-dongs / suzie q cakes and not see it settle on my thighs?? Why can't I make any friends??

    I think I've been duped since early high school days when I didn't run with the more racy crowd ... although I was popular ... just didn't have many "girl-friends."

    Now that I'm floating in my mid-40's ... I'm comfortable with who I am (which my daughter has noticed I really don't care what others think of me.)

    One thing I have noticed is there mean girls in grade-school / high-school / college / work place / school parking lots ... gosh ... I'm on a soapbox.

    {{anyone still want to be friends?}}

    Funny about these little boys who can make friends ...

    Our son makes friends WHEREVER he goes ... school / camp / playgrounds / grocery stores / restaurants / trade shows ... how he ever got the bartender to pour a shot of tequila (worm and all)and brought it over to the table for his daddy ... yep he did ... all at the ripe age of 7! {happened at a Mexican restaurant in East Tennessee ... any indication??} He's also a BIG Star War fan ... could rattle off all NASCAR drivers and car numbers ... {maybe THAT'S the key ... note to self ... learn those darn planets and Luke and Hans Solo fly around!}

    So ... there you have Ms. Katie ... if I ever meet you on the playground ... I'll make small talk and until you utter our secret phrase ...

    "Luke, I am your father ..."

    ... then I'll know we're to be friends!" ~j. {{air-kisses}}


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