Good day! ---Denied!

I am feeling a bit 'bleh' today which is strange because It's not even Monday.

 Life in general is going well. The sun is shining and the weather people are calling for warmer temperatures soon. I was fine when I woke up this morning. I even got to sleep in a bit until 7:15.
My inbox was full of nice comments from lots of different readers of this very blog, and no one on facebook  made one of those cheesy feel-good quotes their status update. (I'm not sure why I hate that so much, but I do. It irks me.)

The best I can figure is that I must have seen myself getting out of the shower and promptly shoved that horrifying sight into my subconscience.  Clearly, not far enough though.
99% percent of my bad days can be attributed to two things.

1. Seeing myself  fresh out of the shower.
2. hmm, Nope. I guess there is just one thing to blame. See above.

Anyway-  usually, I have a system. I will share it. It sooooo interesting. (eye roll)

Step one-Turn off shower
Step two-Open shower curtain, letting damp air escape leaving no chance that bathroom mirror will be fog-less
Step three-cover as much of body as possible with 'bath' towel that is roughly the size of a dinner napkin. Possibly smaller.
Step four- Walk directly past mirror as quickly as possible, eyes averted, exit bathroom into mirrorless bedroom.
Step five- Continue happily with day.

See, this way, I still know I am a chubby bunny but I don't have to be visually presented with just how cold and hard that truth really is.

Ignorance is bliss.

This morning, my napkin towel was not where it should have been, forcing me to exit, dripping from the shower and into the closet DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE (gasp) MIRROR. Being that my system was out of wack, I did not have the presence of mind to avert my eyes before turning around and being visually assulted but the reflection.

My options?
Mirror removal?  No. I do use it to make sure I don't have things in my nose/teeth before I go into public.
Discontinue showering? Ew. I do not want to be chubby AND smelly.
Robotic towel delivery? Interesting...but not cost effective.
Lose weight? Yeah yeah. I'm on it.

For now, I guess I will just have to put all of my positive morning juju into making sure my towel is where is should be.
 Every time.


  1. Wouldn't work for me...we have a mirror in the bedroom too.

  2. Argh. I am so with you - I have this little 'calendar countdown' thing happening in my head. My Mom and brother are coming to visit on July 21st (JULY 21ST! ARGH!) and we will spend 7 days (7 DAYS! ARGH!) at the Polish seaside (THE POL- OH YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY, RIGHT?). The thought of spending a full week in my bathing suit amongst frolicking busty Polish beauties is just making me sick.

    Yep: diet needed. I get it.

  3. Been there, i console myself with the fact that movie stars only keep thin, because someone else cooks for them, they train 7 hours a day...... but do they live...........

  4. Totally with you on this! I hate seeing myself in the mirror, I swear they lie just to make us cry.

    Good luck with whatever you need to do to make that easier!

  5. Bath sheets. 'nuf said.

  6. I don't have a full length mirror in my bathroom so if I put a bag over my head I can get through the shower pretty well. Let me know if you find anything good about getting old.

  7. Feels good to know I am not alone in the 1 bad thing ruining others and a mirror being involved in that. My robe hook is RIGHT OUTSIDE the shower door and it is put on before I even exit the shower. It is FULL LENGTH. :)

  8. Hi Katy, Paul here (aka Magicdarts) - found your blog via Glen who I know from Blogcatalog - anyways enough rambling - laughing at myself is a key part of my life, so count me in as a follower!!

  9. I have a full length robe and the only full length, or indeed showing anything below the neck, mirror upstairs I would have to deliberately go out of my way to get to.

    I feel your pain.

  10. nightmare - but proper funny.

    Have you considered employing a blind orphan towel boy? I'm sure you would get away with paying well under the minimum wage, so it would be cheap.


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