It's old. Faulty. Needed replacing anyway. (Sob)

Let's just say this.
 If you step on and break your bathroom scale...
there is no information it could have given you that you don't already know.

Ahem. I...hear...


  1. So funny you should mention a scale today. Yesterday I was looking for our scale and my son, Kellen, said he had one in his room. He goes in there and brings out his fold up camping chair and says: "Here sit in this, if it breaks, you're too fat."

    haha..very clever... you little brat. :-)))

  2. Speaking of scales- I need to put that on my- "to buy" list. :) I do not have one. & I am trying to diet so that would be kinda handy. :)

  3. You're not supposed to weigh yourself on one of those little kitchen scales, silly!

  4. The scale we had growing up was 6 lbs off (in your favor). Now I pretty much think all scales are 6 lbs off and I always account for that no matter where I weigh myself!

  5. We don't have a scale at our house. If someone wants to get weighed they better do it at the doctors office! I'd be on it ten times a day and I just won't do that to no scales.

  6. The last couple of days the scale hasn't been very friendly to me, I wish it would break!

  7. Hey Yo! I'll tell you where i came from.... from Twitter-> faeriesaerie list-> Kbxmas-> Katie7956-> your blog....

    And i am gonna stay here....

    This post is funny & i'll agree with Kbxmas....

    Became your follower too.

    Check out my blog sometime...

    Phew! Long one eh!

  8. OMG. That is my nightmare come to life...

    So. I'm guessing that you and I are both embarking on a diet, huh?

  9. @christina- looks like I need to stay FAR FAR AWAY From your camp chairs!! Kids are TOO funny!

    @shelby- get a good one. Trust me, you do NOT want it to break on you. Horrifying!

    @Kristin lol. I wish.

    @kim. I am going to weighing myself only at those truck weigh stations you see along the highway. That way I will hear things like, "Oh, Im sorry. YOu are too light. Our scale doesnt even register numbers that low!"

    @Rhonda duly noted.

    @warsawmommy- yep. Diet it is.
    Also, thankfully it happened in the privacy of my kitchen (i weigh myself in the kitchen...fitting, no?) and no one would have ever known...but I just HAD to post that... :)

    @in real life- I could offer my services if you really want that scale taken care of. ;)

    @ratz -why thank you for stopping by. I am headed to your blog straight away.

  10. I'm ignoring my scales. I hate it when they groan when I get on. I'm convinced the wii fit says "ouch" when I get on that as well.

  11. All scales are f***ers.


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