iHappy. iAm. (mostly because iFinally figured this out.)

Brenda at Mummy Time has started a photo meme that I really like. It's called... (drumroll)... 

what you do is capture photos (on your iPhone-see the tie in? Or, yes on your Hemroid Android if that's what you got instead of an iPhone or whatever picture taking device you happen to be using.) of things that make uHappy.
 Easy. Smile inducing. Two things I've been called I love!

I have ATTEMPTED to do this every week since she started iHappy, to no avail.
I thought that (obviously) there was something wrong with either: my phone OR my work computer.
Turns out, Screw loose in the operator.  Shoulda' known.
Moving on.
This is also a linky-mabobber so you'll have to Click on Brenda's name up there to get ALL the deets. Ok?


Sooo. Here are some things that make me happy.

The beach. Thankfully, Michigan has an abundance of beaches readily available.  This happens to be an overcast day, but even an overcast day at the beach is better than a sunny day in the snow to me.

Stairways. Painted doors. Bricks. Especially when I can find them all together. This door is green, by the way. Had I not used a retro app to take this picture, you would be able to see how cool it is.

Flowers. And stones. Again, especially when I can find them together.

Flowers. I really just love flowers.

Broken woodland creature garden statuary. Yep. This makes me happy.

Small, yet intricate details. This hinge is in a door in the building where I work. The building is old so we are constantly finding details like these. Don't even get me started on the original tin ceiling. TO DIE FOR.
 I spend lots of time examining this hinge and looking for other little details like this.

There are, of course many, many, more things that make me happy.
Next week my dears.
Next week.


  1. Love the pictures, especially the retro app! You know what would make meHappy?? If I had an iPhone! Boo!!!

  2. Cool pics! You know my kids have never seen a beach? Really. One day...

  3. I love that meme! LoL

    Great shots. :)

  4. I LOVE the first one, Katie. Very artiste. hehe.

  5. ugh! I was meant to say 2nd pic. Sorry, I seem to have some scrolling issues. heh.

  6. Love the detail on the hinge. I will have to get my act together and take some pics too for next week. Also have to figure out how to pick my profile when commenting from my bloody iPhone.

  7. Awesome Happys! I really like the one of the pretty hinge, and the flowers too!

  8. Nice. I love little details in old buildings.

    And that retro phone app? Way cool!!!

  9. Oh, these are great, especially the flowers. Amazing you took these on an iPhone!

  10. Great pics, hon!

    Wish I had an iPhone. Sigh. (Cue the violins, please.)

  11. That hinge (and the photo of it) is amazing. I love that kind of thing too.

  12. Back again. Just to let you know there's a little bloggy award over at my place for you today. :) x

  13. Now I'm happy too. Thanks for the great pics!

  14. So cool. I like the daisy-type pic and the BUNNY!


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