My 'Strikethroughiest' Post This Week.

Today I will be guest posting for the lovely Rhonda at Wherever you go...there you are.

If you ever wanted to know about my marital history (and let's be honest, who doesn't? har har) you can read about it there. It's mostly about divorce, which sounds like a bad thing but...well... go read it, m'kay?


I thought that I had outsmarted and avoided that  total a-hole anemia Anemia that would render me mostly useless.

I did not.

I have been on a forced vacation sleeping pretty much round the clock for the last 4 or 5 days.

This being sick is totally for the birds. It's driving me absolutely crazy. I've taken some time off work so that I can relax, seeing as how just walking from the bedroom to the bathroom in the morning leaves me winded and my heart pounding. FORGET about showering and going into work.
I almost passed out in front of a customer the other day, which would have been bad healthwise alone- but was worse for me pridewise, and I do not embarrass easily.

Any who, the boss told me to stay home for a few days and "get better", but I feel like maybe having sales associates fainting in front of customers is off-putting. When I'm at Wally World buying my boxed wine and Hot Pockets, I certainly don't want RainRochelle (actual Walmart associate name) passing out in the middle of my transaction. Awkward!  And I'm  NOT just talking about her name.

Ugh. So. I'm not ignoring you, sweet blogosphere. During my coherent, non sleeping moments, I am reading blog posts that I have missed and commenting as my phone/data plan will allow (ie. not much). (ps.Screw you, AT&T.)

If you have landed here by mistake come by and left me a comment on a recent post, and I have not gotten back to you, please bear with me. Your comments are not going unnoticed. Believe me. I'm just crap at keeping up with all of it right now.

I have been trying to tweet regularly because it doesn't take a lot of energy. So, if you're having Katie withdrawal and want to hear random tweeting about Robert Pattinson's body hair or about my sink full of dishes, you can find me there.I know. Salty stuff. My little Twitter follow doovie is on the sidebar there to the left. I promise to be funny. Sometimes.

In conclusion (actually, I think use of that phrase may be against the law in the blogosphere. My bad..ooh. There's another one. Crap.) Regular programming will continue soon. SOON. Pinkie swear.

Until then, go read Alex at WHOA-MUMMA she pointed out a few posts ago that I was playing the 'period card' for comments but I wasn't. That just happened to be a bonus. I swear. She's on to me. Hey, whatever works, right?

Alrighty then. I'm going to stop now before I get myself nominated for whatever the bloggy equivalent of a Razzie award is. Too Late.


  1. Arg, anemia. I also struggle with it. I assume you are bunkered in bed with a truckload of spinach and oranges? Hmmm... get well soon!

  2. Feel better soon baby girl.xx

    PS. Love love WhoaMumma. That girl is super hilair.

  3. Oh yuk Katie! I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I have a good friend who went through something similar recently. I hope you can find a way to get your body back on track soon. Sending strong, iron-rich thoughts. xx

  4. I hope you feel better soon! Sorry I have been a crappy commenter. I am trying to get ready to go to school. :) Hope all is well..besides feeling crummy.

  5. Feel better! Sorry you feel tough-it can't last forever though right?

  6. Ugh. Sounds similar to my hypoxia a few months back. I slept entire weekends away, getting up only for water and to use the bathroom. Not fun. Hope you are feeling much better very soon!

  7. Anything with fatigue attached to it sucks. I know a little bit about that. Found you via "wherever you go ...".
    Best wishes on getting your mojo back.

  8. Get well soon Katie, not sure if I can last without your fantastically funny posts for long!


  9. Get better soon. I'm off to follow you on twitter - you'd better be funny or else....

    (I'm not sure "or else" what - that might be an entirely empty threat!)

  10. My mom struggles with anemia, and I have always been borderline. Maybe that is why I never think you can spend too much time on a couch, and I think your mention of hot pockets and a box of wine sounds fabulous.

  11. Feel better soon!

    Maybe some original, Polish-made chocolate would help you on the road to recovery?? ;)

  12. Do or do not - there is no 'try'.

    a bit of a geek am I

    if you got that - so are you!


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