Things that make me go....WTF?!

I was recently talking to one of my nonblogging 'friends' about blogging. Her curiosity was piqued when she found out that 'someone like me blogged' -direct quote. What the what?? Like Me? Does she mean someone so awesome? Someone with such a completely full social calander? An Aquarius?

For unknown reasons, probably because I am a nice person, I still agreed to talk to her even after that little backhanded compliment.

So she spent some time reading through some of my blog posts. She did not laugh once. Not a chuckle, not a giggle, not a smile. Nothing.

She would finish with a post and I would say, "so...what did you think?"
Her answer every time: Oh. Yeah. That was ...nice...


Anyway, seeing as how I wasnt getting much feedback from her, I stopped asking questions. Which is probably a good thing because knowing her, she was probably just too lazy to say, "That was total and utter crap. I demand you give me those wasted five minutes back!"  wherein I fall on the floor and have a toddler style tantrum, followed by a ninja style kick to her face.

So, she continues to read, and I start seeing her smile. Of course, I'm excited because I try to write (I HOPE) things that would cause one to smile.

Reading. Smiling. Reading. Smiling. More Reading. More smiling.

I give her a few more minutes. You know, let rude girl enjoy herself reading my posts...

"OMG! This is SOOOOO funny!"   (I know, best compliment ever, right?)

So, I go over and peer over her shoulder, patting myself on the back for causing Miss Ice Queen  to experience a human emotion when what do I see on the screen?

........... THE ONION !

"What happened to you reading my blog?"  I ask her.

"Oh. Well, I just don't GET it."

"I guess someone like you wouldn't get it." I say. (Followed by confused look on her face)

*Ninja Kick*


  1. OMG.... tat happens.. doesn't it!! But i guess we bloggers have learnt to understand what the others feel....

  2. My wife firmly believes that only 'a certain kind of person' blogs and she has no time for weirdos like that!! errr..... Hello!

  3. Yes, well, we find our own tribe out here, don't we?!

  4. Oh dear, she's obviously a bit lacking. Poor love. She'll get over herself one day.

    You are very funny, much funnier than the onion. Often.

  5. I don't think any of my friends know what a blog is. Heck even I didn't understand blogs until I started one lol

    Special kinds of people we be.

    Except my blog isn't funny.

    This post made me giggle out loud. :)

  6. I no longer bother sharing my blogging life with IRL peoples....too many tempatiosn to bitchslap!

  7. Just burn her as a friend Katie lol - You are sooooo freaking funny that she has no idea!

  8. Really? How does she NOT LAUGH? Wha-???

    Nice ninja kick though! LoL

  9. She must be frigid, how could she not have a single response to one of your posts? So yeah she deserved that ninja kick from you hahaha!

  10. So, am guessing you've taken out them voodoo dolls for some action. Hehehe.

  11. Linked to you from Katie @ Life with the Dietrich's.

    None of my friends or family know about my blog - that I'm aware of, at least. Part of the reason is because I sometimes mention them and part of it is also because I'm afraid of the same reaction when they read my blog. lol

    Actually, I did tell one person but she told me she wasn't really interested in reading it. Whatevs.

  12. I run special classes for people who 'don't get' my blog. But the secret is - I don't care who reads it or who does not. I do it for myself.

  13. If I hear my husband laugh in the other room, I shout, "Are you reading my blog?!" He usually says no. I have learned to stop asking.

  14. Just found your blog and haven't stopped laughing yet--honestly that ninja kick was very deserved :) Thanks for the laughs and smiles! I'm adding you as a favorite I need this blog on a Monday!



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