WHAT just happened there?

Ok, so... who's still with me?  Anyone? Everyone? No one?

As you may or may not have noticed, my blog was temporarily out of service.
I don't know what happened and I don't know how it got fixed because it SURE AS HECK wasn't me.

A little play by play of blog happenings as of late:

One day, I (attempt-without success) to long into blogger.
I get a message that says basically, "We're sorry, but your sorry butt has not been invited to read this blog so kindly go away until you have been."
I curse. First, under my breath, then- out loud for God and everyone to hear.
I try again.
Same thing.
(Repeat these steps over a two week period)
I cry. I sob. I laugh at how completely ridiculous the situation is.
I tweet about it.
I tweet about it more.
People start getting upset with the number of times I tweet, whining about my lost blog.
I realize that I am going to have to just Start a NEW BLOG. 
More crying. (The snotty, sobbing type. Not the cute sniffling stuff)
On my way to Wordpress to start my new blog, (aka- Start from frickin' scratchareyoukiddingme?!?) I decide to give it ONE more try.
And guess what?
Well, you already know, seeing as how you are READING this.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccck!

I hope that anyone who saw the "you're not on the list- so go away" message- did not get offended and swear a blood oath never to read me again.
I would understand, of course, but I would definitely cry myself to sleep and all...

I guess I just wanted to say:  Thank you Internet, for giving me my livelihood back.
I have missed it.


  1. LOL Welcome Back! I had a twitter application tell me I was not authorised to access my own account! Technology ::sheesh!::

  2. Yay! I'm glad that you're back! Whew-hooooooo!

  3. YAY!!! So glad you didn't have to move out!!! I would of missed you!!

  4. Good To See You Again!

  5. Ahhh hello again!! I waas wondering where had gotten to...

    Bloody blogger...

  6. Welcome back! Looking forward to more of your fabulousness :)

  7. Whew! Close call. Glad it was fixed. What would we have possibly done otherwise?!

  8. Hurrah! Thank goodness for the internet fairies that fix things like this.

  9. OMG!! These things are the worst ones... But i am glad that you are back... and back with all the energy...

  10. Damn - I wish I hadn't written that "You can shove your rubbish blog up your backside, you snotty nosed young upstart" comment now.

    Boy do I feel stupid ;-)

  11. Yay! I've been rather out of the blogging loop myself, but I was wondering where you'd gone. Glad you're back.

    I'm heading up north tomorrow, but unfortunately sailing right by you and into the UP. If it weren't for the five other people also in the group, I'd make a detour.


  12. Am gla you are back, babycakes. Mwahs.xxxx

  13. *glad* even. Stoopid iPhone.; )

  14. Yaaaaay you're back my day just brightened a hell of a lot xxxx

  15. Welcome back sweetie! What a scare. Your absence coincided with mine, so I wasn't aware you were having trouble. xx


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