Forecast calls for snow. I call for Vodka.

It's that time of year again. The time of year that I sink into a deep dark depression and continually fantasize about living somewhere tropical. The time of year that I regularly look out the windows and say, with SOUL CRUSHING ANGUISH, "Are you kidding me? Snow again?! How original." (The same can be said for that phrase. I say it probably 782,258.211,220 times a winter)

Ick. Winter is upon us here in Northern Michigan. In fact, I have been so despondent about the inevitable arrival of that crappy white stuff, I have neglected not only my blog, but my life in general. My son's pumpkin sits on our porch-still uncarved. I've been too busy taking winter-loathing naps that I completely forgot about having him carve it. Believe me, HE did not forget. He told me this morning that he is going to carve a Christmas tree into it. See. Now it works for two holidays. You're welcome son.

 If you love snow and don't like to hear people bad mouth it (and oh, am I gonna bad mouth it!!), you may want to return here in June. I should be out of my funk by then. That all depends on Mother Nature.
 You have been warned.
Otherwise, feel free to come here and rip winter a new one. Misery loves company.


  1. hmmm vodka -- good call :-)

  2. I'll bring the orange juice, maybe we can have a few screwdrivers.

  3. I do not get snow in the place where i live. so i would love to be in a place where there is snow.. let's switch

  4. Vodka and a slanket - that's what you need.

  5. Ah, I remember this from last year. Antisnowism. Yeah, not sure I'm ready for it either.

  6. Preach on sister! Snow can kiss my frostbitten butt.

  7. Just imagine you are here in Oz with your best Aussie bloggie mates cos it's nearly summer here! Although can I say yes drought we know you have broken now could you stop raining for a teensy tiny bit please?

  8. I love snow but I still think you are quite the funny girl, so I shall stay. Even through winter.


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