In which I prepare to get a puppeh. And recommend a GREAT read.

I have spent the last week and a half preparing for the big event. Which event?
The one where I bring home our
 (upbeat game show music here)


 This is a major event for us because we- my husband and I,  tend to be dreamers and not actually do-ers.
I am fairly sure that when my husband ok'd a family dog**, he didn't think I would actually find one.

**I would like to note here that when I first typed the word dog in the previous sentence, I accidentally typed dong- which has nothing to do with this story but is hilarious to my prepubescent brain**
Anywho, moving on...

So, I wanted an Irish Wolfhound.
He wanted not an Irish Wolfhound
I said BIG
He said SMALL

He ended up getting what he wanted. NOT BECAUSE I was like, listening to him or anything. Because the dog that I fell in love with just HAPPENS to be small. Seriously. That's the way it happened.

Sooo.. I have been terribly busy eating leftover turkey preparing our house for it's newest member, Sophie, (miniature Schnauzer/Tibetan terrier mix- thank you for asking) and have kinda been neglecting the ol' blog. 
But, I DID finish my VLOG and I will post that gem (ahem) very soon.

Until then, please go read about Glen's Day of Christmas Shopping.You will DIE laughing. SERIOUSLY, DIE! But in a good way. You don't have to take my word for it, but  he is published author, so you better go read it before the fame goes to his head and he forgets all about us little people.  

You didn't think I'd talk about a puppy and then NOT post a picture did you?


  1. What a little handful of cuteness!!

  2. your puppy is adorable..awww..=)

  3. Congratulations! I absolutely can not wait to see more pictures of your little, adorable puppy! I love her name too! Sweetness!

  4. you truly are a class act - also you do have a very cute pup

  5. Even though I am definitely not a dog person I will admit little Sophie is kinda cute!

  6. Cute! Congratulations on your new pup! You can't help the ones you fall in love with...but make sure you remember the Irish Wolfhound should you wish to get another dog. (He'll cave eventually!)

  7. Your little puppy is sooooooooooooooo cute! Almost makes me want another one. Almost!

    I can't wait until you get him and I hope you blog about him all the time. With pictures, of course! Did you decide on a name?

  8. Oh I LOVE Crap gotta read it again to see if mentioned gender....

  9. Good luck with the dog! I have never had one, they seem too high maintenance! But, then again, I gave birth to a maniac, so there you go.

  10. I die of the cute! here from Lori's blog hop. I hope I can persuade my husband to get a small dog when the time comes. Right now he is on BIG SCARY ASS DOG and I want a small one!

  11. we want the vlog .... we want the vlog..... we want the vlog......we want the vlog .... we want the vlog .... we want the vlog .... we want the vlog .... we want the vlog ....

  12. Ahhhh.....a puppy! I love her!!


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