Better than a Golden Globe

The lovely Kristy at Pampers and Pinot has given me an award.

I'm quite happy to get this award because I was not given a Golden Globe the other night. I wasn’t even nominated!
I know. I am just as shocked as you are.

Thankfully, this award will fill the hole in my heart just about the size of a Golden Globe.
Thank you Kristy. You are too kind.

As per the rules, I am to tell you 7 things about me.
Wait! Wait! Don't leave.
 I know the last thing you want to do is read silly tidbits about me, but it will be worth it. I illustrated the tidbits myself. They are strange  awesome.

Also, I know just about everything there is to know about me so this should be pretty easy on my end.

All you have to do is read on and feign excitement about these little Katie Knuggets (the 'k' is not silent in either word there.) and enjoy my horrible adorable illustrations.

7 previously undisclosed factoids about yours truly:

1. When she was little, my cousin had absolutely gorgeous, thick, long, hair. My hair was short, bowl-cutted and lame. I was jealous. Her hair was a point of pride for both my cousin and her mother. 
 She and my Aunt went on and on about her hair.
Oh! The things you could do with it!
 Oh! How LONG it took her to grow it.
Oh! The special conditioners that cost big $$ that they gooped into it twice a week
…blah blah gag me.
Well, I got sick of it. One day, I invited my cousin to play beauty shop with me and  accidentally*  cut off a nice big chunk of her hair. It was awesome  horribly tragic. I felt elated very bad. As punishment, both her mom and my mom spanked me.
Totally worth EVERY spanking.

2. I always eat the orange M&M's first because they are far superior to any other color. No one will ever convince me otherwise.
Orange. The KING of M&M's.

3. I am inappropriately in love with my new toothbrush. It’s called a PLAK SMACKER (not kidding) and using it is like having a million sparkly angel kitten whispers clean your teeth. Which sounds strange but is actually wonderful. Don't judge me.
I really wish I had this dress.
Glad I don't have those Wii hands.

4. During college, I started an email program that people could 'subscribe' [subscribers = people who gave me their email addresses] to for Katie’s Thought of the day. These “thoughts” were short, one paragraph observations of campus life or notifications of what I ate for lunch. [Ramen. Again.]
 I like to think they were awesome. I’m not sure what the subscribers really thought.
 As you can see, I was way ahead of Twitter.
This is really what computers looked like in 1997 kids.

5. After getting caught talking for the 8 billionth time in English class in 10th grade, the teacher moved my best friend to the back right hand corner of the room and me to the front left hand corner.
Not to be deterred, we learned sign language and continued to communicate despite the distance.
Mismatched desks = shabby chic.

6. I can not watch gory movies. Especially seeing skin getting cut or punctured. If I see it, I vomit on the spot. Just typing that sentence made me a bit queasy so we’ll be moving right along.
This is also how I looked the year I dressed as Princess Fiona for Halloween.

7. In 1st grade, I told my teacher that someday I was going to write a book and that I wouldn't let her read it because it would probably contain 'swears'. She didn't even bat an eye and said, "I don't mind a swear, as long as it's properly used."
I loved her.
Darnit! It's to blurry to read. Believe me, it's hilarious.

Well, there you have it. 7 little pearls about lil' ol' me.
And what did I tell you about those illustrations? Snazzy, no?

Rules say to pass this award to 15 people. I'm going to pass it to four because I can. YAY!

Those 4blogs are:

Bleeding Healer
Dani's Letters
Litany of Brittainy 
{please come back. The blogosphere misses you.}

*That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Added after posting: The hair cutting incident happened when she was 6 and I was 7.  I didn't cut a little cousin's hair, like, last year or anything. Thought I better clarify. You never can tell with me. 


  1. 1 made me lol so hard. Grats on epic revenge. :)

    I also get sick during gory movies, but I've always had a weak stomach. Grats on the award as well. :)

  2. Well done you funny thing.

    p.s. I did read the blahs :-)

  3. I can identify with the m and m's thing, kind of. I have to eat the red skittles first before any other kind.

  4. They are all hilarious!!!

    And I eat the blue ones :)

  5. Wow I am shocked,and that's genuienly shocked,not like I pretend I am shocked when I totally knew what was going on..for one second I thought it was some other BH..but then..
    you surprised me..I mean how? I mean..that was a shocker..wow..thanks..gee..sorry should have said that first..
    and regarding your 7 points about yourself,you were pretty special..it was funny..I love what your 1st grade teacher said,moreover I loved what you said to your teacher,pretty darn bold for a 1st grader..=]
    Take care..and thanks again..

  6. Bahahahaha...I can't believe you cut your cousin's hair! Hilarious. ;) x

  7. Hilarious! The more I find out about you the more I think we are seesters possibly twins separated at birth. Although I don't have the orange preference of M&M's but I do eat them color codedly. I also don't eat odd amounts of anything. If there are 3 left I panic.

  8. Congrats on the award!

    I was going to say I always eat the orange m&m's first too because I don't like the color orange. But then I remembered I eat the brown ones first and the orange ones second.

  9. Gosh thank you missus. I am truly honoured.

    I am also laughing quite a lot at the thought of you cutting your cousin's hair!

  10. Haha, you had me going there for awhile!! Hang on - you mean these are all TRUE?? OMIGOD, REALLY???

    This means either that you're a fascinating well rounded person of many interests, or a wacky psycho!

    SO ... which is it?!?!?!

  11. Red Nomad- I'd like to say well rounded but crazy is probably true. ;)

    Barbara- You are welcome! I LOVED our conversation last week about the crooked 'p'. You crack me up.

    Sprinkles- Ack! Brown are definitely last for me. Which ones do YOU eat last then?

    Jodie- I am SO happy you stopped by! I'm still quite shocked I actually went through with it too.

    Katie- Blue is my second favorite. :)

    Bleeding Healer- Don't be shocked. You have a fascinating blog! And My first grade teacher, she was special for sure!!

    Luke- Man, I haven't had skittles for YEARS.

    Kindros- Epic revenge. BHWAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHa :)

    Glen- I hope you didn't strain your eyes reading those blahs.


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