Grouchy no more

Yesterday, i was sick in bed with a migraine. Once the pain finally subsided, I was super grouchy because that was NOT the way i had planned to spend my day off.

Since I am no fun when I'm a grouch (but who is, really?) And because my child is so sweet and funny, he made it his personal mission to cheer me up.

Mom! Look at this face! [Makes silly face]

Mom? Did that make you feel better?

Did I ever tell you how much I miss you while I'm at school?

Did you know today was pizza day at school? I only ate the crust.

After you're all cheered up, can I play Wii? Do you think our ancestors were cave men? I was reading partners with Claire today. She reads fast. How do they make licorice? When I close my eyes really tight, I hear a low rumbling sound. What do you think that is? What year was great grandpa Joe born? How much longer until my birthday? Do you think I'll ever have a little brother or sister? Do you want me to cook you a bowl of cereal? Are you happier now mom or do you need me to keep going?

How could I stay grumbly after a conversation like that? I couldn't.

Mission accomplished.

Thank you son.


  1. Is he is cutest or what! Mission Accomplished

  2. and THAT's why we have them. those moments.

    Not the other 99% of the time when they do your nut in

  3. He is going to make a great husband one day he knows when the lady of the house is sick everyone else is sad......... how cute is he...

  4. Brilliant - cooking a bowl of cereal -a kid can cheer you up like nothing on earth!

  5. Oh my gosh I love your blog! I came across it by Dani @ Dani's Letters. :)
    Your son is brilliant! He is so cute. Cooking a bowl of cereal is a must have skill. lol

  6. Bless him, what a sweetie.

  7. That's so sweet! When my mom was grouchy from migraines or cramps or whatever, I just tried to stay out of her way. lol

  8. He is BRILLIANT! I will have to take notes from the master. Note to self: Self, this is how to cheer up others...

  9. He sounds sweet Katie, but no wonder - he has you for a Mum! Hope you're feeling better and can get on to that vlog thingy *wink*

  10. He sounds sweet - and ever inquisitive. I wish I could shrink mine back to that age again.

  11. A brilliant conversationalist if there ever was one...I don't think anyone could stay grumpy with a chin wag session like that.

  12. That's cute. I'm grumpy after a migraine too. Everytime. It makes me hate them even more than just the pain part.


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