Questions and questionable fillings

In case there is anyone still reading this sadly forsaken blog [hi mom], I thought it best to drop in and say hello.

But first, how was your Easter? Religious? Happy? Chocolate filled? All or None of the above?
Mine was just lovely. Thank you for asking.

Anywhoozie, today I am going to pose a question. Possibly multiple questions, depending on how scattered and candy-hungover my thoughts are.

Are you ready?
Q: What exactly is the orange stuff in the middle of a Cadbury Creme Egg?

Wait. No. That's not my question. Well, it is a question I have, and I believe to this day that the orange stuff is much too "yolk realistic" and that is the reason I don't care for Cadbury Eggs but I digress...
Really. That's just nasty.

Focus Kate!

Ok. My question is this: What is the driving force behind your blog? Why do you do it? What keeps you coming back?  Is it that you love to write? The connections you make with other bloggers? The attention? The money?  {I could go on and on here...}

I would love to hear your honest, completely stripped-down-soul bearing answers.

Can you help me?  Why do you blog?

If not, can you tell me what that dang orange stuff is?

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  1. Recently found your blog and quite enjoying it. I blog purely to ramble, rant and say my crap about lifes little quirks and all around general things that i can't say generally, so here i am blogging annonomously. Although, it is a plus, it entertains me for hours and hopefully gives people a giggle every now and then.


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