Thank Zeus for bloggy friends

Well, if you have made it here and are reading these words, you have more Internet prowess than I do.  I don't know how this all works, but it certainly has been a long week in the blogging world, and it's only Monday.  Yesterday morning thanks to my best blogging friend Glen, I found out that No Missed Opportunities was no longer located at . This came as a bit of a shock to me considering that was precisely where I left it...

 As it turn out, in a great example of irony, (also pointed out by Glen) I had MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY to renew my NMO address. Ahh  universe, you jokey jokester you.  

At first, I did not know this was the case and I assumed (as I do) that all my previous posts were lost to the deep recesses of the Internet. Not that I write prize winning stuff or anything but you know, one or two of them were funny... and I had spent all that time typing.  So, I spent the next 30 seconds trying to hold back sobs as I considered the possibility that my blog disappearing was a sign that maybe blogging is better left to those with proper grammar and actual writing skills, followed by about 10 minutes of frantically sending emails, text messages, and facebook messages to the people I trust most with my blog and with my feelings.

 Thankfully, Glen, Rhonda and Andrea had my back and helped me find my blog again.   It took all of  two minutes to purchase a new address and get my posts back. This solution left me with two questions- 1) how in the world are people supposed to find me if they can't get here using the old address, and they have no way of knowing the new one?  and 2)What am I having for lunch today? (admittedly not related, but important nevertheless).

"Just renew your domain next time, mortal"
 I am going to just assume that some bespectacled, sweater vest wearing  blogging God has smiled down at me and will just shuffle people in the right direction-after all you are reading this. I hope that if others get to the new blog squatting on my old space, they will realize that it's CLEARLY  not the same blog (better grammar, fewer laughs. However the writer seems to be SUPER TIMELY in purchasing expired domains). 

So there it is. Crisis averted-inconvenience notwithstanding. No Missed Opportunities has moved to , which leaves me with one question:  What am I going to have for lunch?


  1. Well done - you done gone and fixed it!! I'm glad :-) now get writing

  2. Yahoooo! Your post popped up in my reading list, same as usual, so that's good news! Glad to see you! Hi! What did you decide on for lunch?

  3. Glen- Writing = I'm on it

    Kelly- I am so happy it worked! Whew!! And, grilled chicken salad, thanks for asking. :)

  4. I didn't have to refollow or anything. You just popped right up.

    I changed my URL and it was major problems. I could find my blog but apparently many people had to unfollow and then refollow me to get my posts. As I am not a technological genius this scares me.

    but on a happy note you totally scored my cell phone number

  5. I know all about having a blog address taken. Mine was taken by a website squatter, too. That's why I use I don't like it, but it was the only way I knew of keeping all of my content. I'm trying to get it changed, but it's confusing. Anyway, I like your new look and your new website name. Either way, it's the same Kate! :)

  6. Hey great to see you back and loooooooove the new look. Good thing Glen is far more proactive than me cos when I couldn't find your blog I thought oh she must have just deleted it which made me sad but didn't think of that 'old fashioned' communication method of email!

    Hope you are coming into summer there and leaving the snow behind.

  7. So glad you found yourself......

  8. Yay! You can imagine how surprised i was to find your old site was talking about contractors in charlotte, nc.


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